Pasiunea mea este fotografia. In clasa a IX-a am descoperit un anumit site ce continea fotografii artistice. Am fost complet impresionata de acestea, si acest lucru m-a ambitionat si pe mine sa incerc sa ma joc cu abstractul. Imi place sa hranesc curiozitatea din spatele obiectivului pentru ca poza sa fie privita de multi ochi si sa ramana o amintire. Orice artist isi doreste asta: o istorie a talentului sau, in inima fanilor. De asemenea, imi place arta ca majoritatea dintre noi toti, imi place sa cunosc lucruri noi, sa fiu curioasa si sa evidentiez esteticul uratului. Din pacate inca nu am un aparat de fotografiat unul compact. Sper totusi sa reusesc sa cumpar. Dupa cumpararea acestui produs, promit sa pun poze mai bune, daca este posibil.

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deci neaparat trebuie sa imi faci si mie nsite poze........trebuie sa am poze facute de uh, le faci super :*
Uneori tehnologia ne poate limita, insa nimic nu ne poate ingradi sentimentele!
:D si incep sa imi dau seama ca sunt o groaza de lucurri pe care le "take for granted" si de fapt sunt lucurri pentru care ar trebui sa fim recunoscatori. Azi ma gandeam ca "ce bine ca stiu sa conduc si pot sa ma sui in masina oricand si sa plec la drum". Buna leapsa ta, m-a mai scos din depresie, multumesc ;-)).
stiu o ceainarie mainunta, in centrul orasului astuia paraginit si trist si murdar; ascunsa printre ruinele unor case din anii '48, acoperita cu rogojini din stuf, cu leagane mari in curte si muzica asortata; e un loc cu adevarat interesant peste care am dat din intimplare...serendipity ti-ar placea mult :)
If it's on your mouth then you most likely got it from ientcnnoly kissing a family member or friend that has cold sores during child hood, many people contract HSV1 this way it's actually what causes cold sores (oral herpes) and they are very common to have on the mouth. Cold sores don't commonly come from having sex.You can kiss her or give her oral sex when you have absolutely NO signs or symptoms of an out break. Herpes is more contagious while there is any signs of an out break, but you do have a slight chance of passing it when you don't have an out break. This is because of viral shedding which is spreading herpes when you don't have symptoms. Viral shedding usually happens around the time of and in between out breaks. Viral shedding usually happens for a small number of days out of the year, but it's unpredictable even to you. If you do get a cold sore or break out wait until it's completely gone then wait a few more days to kiss her or give her oral sex. [url=]ugbsrghymw[/url] [link=]feiwfxwo[/link]
The herpes that csueas oral sores is called Herpes Simplex Virus 1 (HSV-1). The herpes that is more commonly sexually transmitted and csueas genital sores is Herpes Simplex Virus 2 (HSV-2). They are very different.It's not completely unheard of for someone to pass HSV-1 to the genital region, in say an instance where a woman with an open cold sore (HSV-1) performs oral sex on a male and he then ends up with HSV-1 in the genital region, thus able to pass it on to someone else that performs oral on him. Even if it does happen, the HSV-1 sores appearing in the male's genital region would be few and far between, with a rare chance to be passed on the next person performing unprotected oral sex on him.Previous response is correct that both HSV-1 and HSV-2 are most contagious when a sore is present. I would strongly suggest that your friend has a cold sore from the extremely common HSV-1, NOT the sexually transmitted genital herpes virus. She could have picked it up from sharing utensils with someone, kissing, even her parents. I doubt very much that she got oral herpes while performing (genital) oral sex. But next time she needs to use a condom when performing oral. This is what flavored condoms and/or flavored lubes were intended for!!
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